• The Mystery Sound Of Adelaide

The Mystery Sound of Adelaide. A brand new sound from an iconic Adelaide location.

What is it?

Where is it?

We play the Mystery Sound Of Adelaide twice each weekday - after 7am in Breakfast and then again after 5pm during the drive home. 

So listen to Cruise 1323 at work, at home or in the car for your chance to identify that new sound and see if you can join the growing list of big winners. Good luck!

The cash jackpot for Mystery Sound 
is now up to $6250

Incorrect guesses so far:

- moving a wheelie bin at the East End Markets.  
- emptying the metal rubbish bins in Rundle Mall. 
- the cogs turning in the Town Hall clock as the time changes
- an industrial garbage bin being picked up & emptied
- closing the gates & chains of the ferris wheel at Semaphore
- a bowling ball returning on the rack
- the ramp going up or down on the Sea Link ferry
- coupling two H trams together at the Morphett Ville tram deport
- ball spinning around a roulette wheel at the Casino
- people walking over the temporary boardwalk in Rundle Mall
- door banging in the wind at the Old Adelaide jail
- the luggage carousel at Adelaide Airport
- the Glenelg tram
- cement mixer pouring concrete at the new RAH site
- the skate park in the city
- re-setting the bowling pins at the Marion City Bowl land
- coupling trains together at the Adelaide Railway Station
- a builders rubbish shoot at the RAH building site
- A coin going into the slot & the pool balls dropping down on a pool table
- Rolling a wine barrel at the wine centre
- unloading beer kegs at the Old Lion Hotel
- an old tram turning from King William St into North Terrace
- pulling down the roller door ramp at Adelaide Radio Station
- Billard Balls falling from an 8 ball table in City Cross
- The lift at the Renaissance Centre in rundle Mall
- The ice skimming machine at the Thebarton ice arena.
- Opening the big doors at the Wakefield Street First Station
- Winding up the chains at the GPO before ringing the bell.
- playing an air-hockey game at The Beach House
- re-filling a water bottle at the spring water dispenser at the West End brewery
- the machine picking up the ten pins at the bowling alley
- the escalators at the North Adelaide Village Shopping Centre
- someone riding a skateboard down the footpath in front of the Adelaide Railway Station

In the last year lucky Cruise listeners won over $35,000 with the Mystery Sound - all thanks to Paradise Motors – they’re the Mazda people. 

And the winning continues:

Our latest winner Despina from Rostrevor had her thinking cap on when she told us the Mystery Sound was closing the door of a metal model car and helped herself to $6750 in the process:

Ron from Grange took home a lazy $1150 for recognising the sound as a plastic lid being removed from a cup of coffee:

Sheryl from Prospect nabbed $4950 by cracking this little nugget of audio as being removing your hand from a box of polystyrene:

Denise from Smithfield correctly guessed the mystery sound as "placing a CD in its case and closing the cover". Her keen ear has been rewared with a tidy $1450:

Previously Chris from Hillbank successfully picked the mystery sound as "tightening the top of a screw-top pencil sharpener" and snaffled $1800:

While Maureen from Smithfield walked away with $2,500 after correctly identifying the mystery sound as "a tape measure retracting":

And Craig from Seaford Meadows took home $10,000 during the drive home with Mark Elliston. He nailed the mystery sound as 'turning the lap counter of a slot car set back to zero":

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